Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Useful Information


I know you probably prefer some information from our town, but I think you could find this numbers useful.


General Emergencies ➠ 112 

National Police ➠ 091
Local Police ➠ 092
Guardia Civil ➠ 062
Ambulance ➠ 061
Fire Brigade ➠ 080
Denuncias ➠ 902 102 112
Passport Office ➠ 952 577 816
Red Cross Emergency ➠ 952 222 222
Crime Report (multilingual) ➠ 902 102 112
Sea Rescue ➠ 900 202 202

HOSPITALS (+34 if you are contacting from a foreign line)

Costa Del Sol ➠ 951 976 669
Maternity Hospital ➠ 951 030 200


Málaga Airport (+34 if you are contacting from a foreign line)

Information ➠ 952 048 804 / 952 048 844
Arrivals T2 ➠ 952 048 844
Arrivals T1 ➠ 952 048 845
Departures ➠ 952 048 804
Lost Property ➠ 952 048 837 / 952 048 851
Parking ➠ 952 058 776

Air companies 

Aer Lingus  ➠    902 502 737
Aeroflot  ➠    900 901 528
Air Berlin  ➠     902 333 335
Air Europa   ➠   902 401 501
Air Mediterranee  ➠ +33 581 312 999
Air Nostrum  ➠ 901 111 500
Air Transat  ➠    902 570 612
Alitalia  ➠    902 100 323
Arkefly  ➠    +0900-2753359

BA CityFlyer  ➠   902 111 333
Blue Air  ➠ 902 570 852
British Airways  ➠  902 111 333
Brussels Airlines  ➠  807 220 003
Bulgaria Air  ➠  (+359) 2 402 04 00

Corendon Dutch Airlines  ➠  +31 (0) 23 75 10 600

Delta Air Lines  ➠  902 810 872

Easyjet   ➠   902 599 900
Easyjet Switzerland  ➠   902 599 900
Europe Airpost  ➠   952 048 699

Finnair  ➠   901 888 126
Flybe  ➠   +44 (0)1392 683152

Germanwings  ➠  902 888 076

Iberia  ➠   901 111 500
Iberia Express  ➠   901 200 424

Jet2.com ➠   902 881 269
Jetairfly   ➠   +32 70 22 00 00

Lufthansa   ➠   902 883 882
Luxair     ➠   +352 2456 4242

Monarch Airlines   ➠  800 099 260

Niki Luftfahrt   ➠  902 320 737
Norwegian Air Shuttle  ➠   902 848 080

Primera Air  ➠   952 974 526

Royal Air Maroc  ➠  902 210 010
Ryanair  ➠   00 44 871 246 0011

SAS Scandinavian Airlines  ➠ 902 405 033
SmartWings  ➠ 932 178 576
Swiss International Air Lines  ➠ 901 116 712

TAP Portugal  ➠ 901 116 718
Thomson Airways  ➠ 914 141 481
Transaero    ➠  933 789 278
Transavia.com  ➠  902 010 105
Travel Service  ➠   +420 255 700 827
Turkish Airlines  ➠  952 974 611

Volotea  ➠ 952 048 699
Vueling  ➠ 807 300 720
Wizzair  ➠ 807 444 041

Keep in mind that the numbers that start with 901/902 and specially 807 have an extra cost involved.

Gibraltar Airport

Information ➠ 00 350 200 73 026
Monarch Ticket Desk ➠ 952 048 347
Monarch Flight Info ➠ 00 350 200 75 984
British Airways ➠ 00 350 200 44 737
Border (check queues) ➠ 00 350 200 42 777

CONSULATES (+34 if you are contacting from a foreign line)

Britain ➠ 952 352 300
Ireland ➠ 952 475 108
Germany ➠ 952 363 591
Denmark ➠ 952 226 373
France ➠ 952 226 590
Sweden ➠ 952 604 383
Italy ➠ 952 306 150
Norway ➠ 952 667 955
Belgium ➠ 952 59 99 15
Russia ➠ 951 705 704
Finland ➠ 952 21 24 35
USA ➠ 952 474 891

TOURIST INFORMATION (+34 if you are contacting from a foreign line)

Antequera ➠ 952 702 505
Benalmádena ➠ 952 442 294
Coín ➠ 952 822 818
Córdoba ➠ 957 200 522
Estepona ➠ 952 802 002
Fuengirola ➠ 952 467 457
Gibraltar ➠ 0350 774 982
Marbella ➠ 952 771 442
Málaga ➠ 952 213 445
Mijas ➠ 952 485 900
Nerja ➠ 952 521 531
San Pedro de Alcantara ➠ 952 785 252
Torremolinos ➠ 952 374 231

TAXIS (+34 if you are contacting from a foreign line)

Benalmádena ➠ 952 441 545
Estepona ➠ 952 802 900
Fuengirola ➠ 952 471 000
Gibraltar ➠ 00 350 200 700 27
Málaga ➠ 952 327 950
Marbella ➠ 952 774 488
Mijas Costa ➠ 952 476 593


UK ➠ 00 44
Ireland ➠ 00 353
Gibraltar ➠ 00 350 200
Germany ➠ 00 49
France ➠ 00 33
Holland ➠ 00 31
Sweden ➠ 00 46
Italy ➠ 00 39
Portugal ➠ 00 351
Norway ➠ 00 47
Belgium ➠ 00 32
Luxembourg➠ 00 352
USA ➠ 001

Please note that I get this numbers from different official webpages (airports, embassies, etc), so it's always better to double check it with your government/flight company before you travel to Spain. 

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Angel Garó art collection.

Located in the old 'Casa de la Cultura'  at the Plaza de las Flores in the centre of the old town. The 18th century building itself is interesting. Called "House of Tejerinas" it has a central patio surrounded by columns, a balcony with arches and a lookout tower on the upper floor. It was owned by the sisters Carmen and Francisca Tejerina who donated it to become a charity hospital for the poor. The town hall took it over and for many years it was the 'Casa de Cultura' where exhibitions and courses tool place.

This artistic collection was donated by Angel Garó, comprises of more than 300 pieces from the 15th century to the present day. It includes oils, drawings, prints, sculptures, ceramics and ivory and some furniture and decorations. 

Don't be put off by the austere religious work on the ground floor but climb the stairs all the way to the 3rf floor watchtower for the full viewing

The collection includes an oil on canvas of Mariano Salvador Maella entitled "Ascension of the Virgin" dating from the XVIII century. 

Garó includes a collection of drawings and handwritten notes from the historical painter and portraitist of Queen Victoria of England, George Hayter. 

"Amigas" A nude study of two women dressing, by Jorge Owen Wynne Apperley (Isle of White 1884 - Tanger 1960) who lived and painted for many years in the Albaicin and Sacromonte of Granada, is one of his tamer works.

The collection also includes Picasso signed prints (including "Sculptor, model and sculpted bust", "Three Stars" and "resting Women"; works by Rafael Alberti ("Odalisque") as well as parts of Federico García Lorca ( "winking Pierrot" and "Woman with madroñera") Of the sculptures a highlight is "St. Joseph with the baby Jesus" by Pedro de Mena, "Child of Passion" by f José de Mora. 

The entrance is free and its open from  Monday to Friday (9:00 to 15:30) and Saturday (10 to 14h). 

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Noche de San Juan - San Juan's Night

San Juan's night is full of bonfires, fireworks, music, dancing, and sardines. It's the welcome to summer, and its celebration takes place during the shortest night of the year.

Many towns, cities or villages celebrate this first Summer Fiesta. All the celebrations share some things in common, yet each also has its peculiarity.

Bonfires, fire and water are the protagonists of the night. Men and women, young people and children, all dedicate their days and afternoons to the preparation of bonfires. According to tradition, if people jump three times over a bonfire on San Juan's night, they will be cleansed and purified, and their problems burned away.

It is the night of San Juan, night of pagan and religious rites, magical night of the summer solstice, where the fire and the water become protagonists, the fire as a purifying element, the water to recover.

Certain festivals seem to summarize life in Spain, with its love of having a good time in the company of friends and loved ones. The Night of San Juan is definitely one of these events. It is a celebration that is usually held on the beach with roaring bonfires, drink, food, and friends. It is a memorable, almost surreal scene and one that needs to be experienced.

I hope you can jump over the fire next year!!!

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Estepona Beach list.

On this post you will find the complete Estepona Beach list (from west to east) with a brief description and a few tips of each one:

Click to enlarge


This 2km beach is bounded at the west by the Torre de la Sal headland and runs to the next headland at Bahia Dorada; it is about 40m wide. Not overly busy, this is mainly used by the residents of the urbanizations that straddle of the coast road. About halfway along is a large rock just out to sea. There is a chiringuito at the western end near Torre de Sal. There is a pedestrian promenade for most of the beach and little dedicated car access except roads in the urbanizations.


This beach is similar to the others in the area. Bounded by the two headlands it is about 700m long and 40m wide. The established urbanization Bahia Dorada fronts the beach. A seafront promenade was constructed recently, to protect from land erosion in the winter storms. There is no car access to the beach. On the Bahia Dorada headland at the east and interestingly within the estate is an old circular watchtower. (Torre Vigia).


This beach is to the east of the Bahia Dorada headland, and where the Arroyo Vaquero river reaches the sea. The car access is a roundabout into the Fuerte Estepona Suites Hotel which fronts this beach Upon entering the turn right  and wind your way through the houses near the Arroyo Vaquero river. The beach is about 1km long and 50m wide and is quiet, with ample parking space and a chiringuito. Access is also provided on the other or west side of the Fuerte Hotel.


Costa Natura, near Estepona, opened in 1979 and was Spain's first naturist resort. Although the surrounding area is now largely built-up, once you step inside the gates it's a total oasis – a village of whitewashed apartments set among lush lawns and palm trees and a riot of jazzy geraniums and bougainvillea. Facilities include a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, massage room and tennis courts. Day passes are available.


This is the name given to various stretches of beach in the area of the river Guadalabon. Some areas, such as that in front of Gran Hotel Elba (with promenade walkway), or in front of H10 Estepona Palace Hotel, are wider, but much of the rest of this 2km seafront is not overly interesting.


Situated just outside the town of Estepona, to the west of the Marina, El Cristo beach is situated in a delightful sheltered cove, ideal for children, with two chiringuitos. Its ideal location means longer hours of sunshine, making it a particular favourite with serious sunbathers. This beach has become increasingly popular in recent years and tends to get quite crowded on summer weekends. It has a good atmosphere with music playing at two of the beach bars. 

The cove and the outer protection wall ensure the sea is warmer than the surrounding waters. It slopes very gently and is very safe for children. There is a lifeguard station and showers in the summer. There are two good beach bars, the trendy Havana Beach and the more traditional Chiringuito Lolailo.  Car access is by a narrow, steep road from a roundabout to the west of Estepona marina or town. Summer parking at the back of the beach is chaotic, so it's best to continue a little further to the open ground, where is always ample parking and some wild camping. The car exit route is in this direction via Estepona Marina.


Right in the centre of Estepona is the town's most popular beach, La Rada. It is long and backed by a modern seafront promenade for the entire length (2.6km). Chiringuitos (beach bars), are located all along the seafront and serve traditional seaside fare, such as paella and fresh sardines, as well as a choice of international-style dishes. The Marina and lighthouse are located at the west end of La Rada beach. 

The entire length of beach runs parallel to the ‘old coast road'. There are two large underground car parks here; otherwise parking can be found in the town. Disabled access is better here than at other nearby beaches. The seafront prom and the beach terminate at the eastern end with a headland known as Punta de la Plata.


A 4km stretch of narrow low-quality beach, stretching from the headland of the same name in the west to El Padron in the East.


The popular beach located just to the east of the Rio Padron, near the Kempinski Resort Hotel. The beach has a large car park and two beach bars, making it particularly popular in the summer. Laguna Village is located here, a small upmarket Balinese-style shopping centre with fashion and decoration shops, open 11.00 to 20.00. A selection of restaurants includes Terra Sana, Camuri Grill, Carmen (traditional Spanish) with small roof terrace, La Pappardella (Italian), as well as tapas bar ¡Que Arte! and Spanish Star Cafe - restaurants are open 10.00 to 24.00. 

Also here is Puro Beach restaurant and beach club with large swimming pool, white sun loungers and fusion music DJ. Car Parking. Km 159. Its high standards of cleanliness and excellent facilities have been recognized by the European Blue Flag award.


This 2km stretch of narrow, quiet beach is hidden behind a series of older properties and urbanizations. Try the chiringuito at Punta del Castor just to the east of Rio Castor at km 160.5. A track leads down to the beach past the allotments. Another is Chiringuito Torre del Velerin near the old watchtower. 

‘Environmentally funky' Tarifa-style chiringuito (chill-out area, salads and smoothies, DJs, clothes store) Sonora Beach is near Urbanization Hacienda Beach at km 162; alternatively, you can park at Urb Los Granados Playa, after the Selwo turn off near Rio Velerin.


Quieter, narrow, rocky beaches: Playa Bella is next door to the upmarket beachfront TikiTano restaurant and lounge, with preserved old watchtower and ruins in a large, beachfront area with lawn and seafron promenade. West of Rio Guadalmansa is the offen missed Playabella Spa Gran Hotel.  East of Rio Guadalmansa, there is a popular and amusingly named Chiringuito Heaven with nearby Kite and other water sport school facilites.


Unremarkable semi-urban, narrow beaches in this part of Estepona, near El Saladillo and Costalita and other urbanizations. This beach is nominally 3km long, but is broken into many stretches with a few beach bars. Access is by the roads through the urbanizations. Torre de Saladillo is an old watch tower 'hidden' here.


Unremarkable semi-urban, narrow beaches in this part of Estepona. Nominally 2km long, this beach is broken into many stretches. Atalaya Park Golf Hotel and Resort is located on the headland to the west of this beach. To the east of the headland is Rio Guadalmina, which is the municipal boundary of Estepona with Marbella.

I hope you can visit all !!

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Beach season has officially begun!!!!!!!!!

The beach season has officially begun, and Estepona has done in the best way possible as the water off their shores has been classed as excellent.

Playa de la Rada

Beaches councillor Susana Aragon announced that the council has received a report from the Ministry of Health with results of samples taken from local waters and sent off for analysis by a European Commission authority.

“Once again, Estepona can boast having beaches in prime condition for bathing which meet all health requirements,” the councillor said.

The result came as the area increased its number of blue flag beaches to four. 

The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)[1] that a beach or marina meets its stringent standards.

The Blue Flag is a trademark owned by FEE which is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, consisting of 65 organizations in 60 member countries in Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia, North America and South America.

FEE's Blue Flag criteria include standards for water quality, safety, environmental education and information, the provision of services and general environmental management criteria. The Blue Flag is sought for beaches and marinas as an indication of their high environmental and quality standards.
At the end of May, the AEAC consumers’ and environmental education association renewed the flags on La Rada, El Cristo and El Padron beaches and awarded one to El Saladillo beach for the first time.

It is also good to know that the lifeguard service on the beaches has begun yesterday. 

The service has 17 lifeguards on each shift and it will be active until next September 15. In addition to the lifeguards, two nurses will be on each one and a mobile ICU, with all the necessary equipment so people can be treated during transport to hospital.

Do not forget to use the sunblock !!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Estepona culture on the streets + Tapas route this weekend!!

During this weekend,  Estepona will bring the culture to the streets.

The Felipe VI Theatre will be joining celebrations for the weekend, with a concert by Calum from La Voz Kids (a TV show similar to X-Factor or American Idol) on Friday 12 at 9.30pm.

That evening, guitarist Paco Jimeno will also be directing a concert by Flamenco Guitar School pupils at El Patio at 8pm, and on Saturday 13, a band of local street musicians will be performing under Juan Gamero at the orchid gardens.

Dance will also have a part in proceedings, with a show by classical Spanish dance and flamenco teachers Lourdes Barrientos and Lourdes Bazan at 8pm in Calle Villa on Friday 12, and a show by pupils from local dance schools at noon on Sunday 14 at the Plaza ABC.

Displays of work by art workshops on the Friday, a free lesson on growing orchids, a municipal chess school tournament and a performance by theatre students on the Saturday are also planned.

In addition to all this, it will be a "Tapas route" with more than 40 local establishments will join to the  be offering a free tapa with every drink between June 12 and 14. 

I hope you can enjoy it!!

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Estepona street markets... and beyond!!

Although it is very likely that this information is not new to many of you. I think is important to remember where the street markets are and on which days they are in our city.

There are two markets in Estepona centre. The Wednesday market ("el rastro" as is known by locals) is held in the Avenida Puerta del Mar, this Avenue starts at the Port roundabout and ends on the big roundabout of Juan Carlos I at the entrance of the warehouses area. This is the main street market, so you can find a large variety of things there: from fruit and vegetables till hand crafts and clothes. There are some "friendly parking areas" nearby, I point some of them on the image below. (click the image to enlarge)    

The Sunday market is held in the Port area. This one is smaller (and a little more expensive as its clearly prepare for the tourists), but on this one you can find more quality: paintings, decoration  stuff, hand made clothes and hats, etc.  You can use the same parking areas, as there is not big distance between both markets. Both of them are in the morning until noon.

Sabinillas Sunday Flea Market:

On Sunday is the famous Sabinillas 'Rastro' or flea market. It is located  on the New Fair Ground on the Rio Manilva Road just up from the Lidl roundabout. (GPS: 36.3764450, -5.2331070)

There you can find a total of 287 "shops", of which most are second hand, antiques, crafts, decoration, etc. and a minority dedicated to the professional market, textile, footwear, fruits and vegetables, jewellery.  

The fairground has 900 parking spaces. In addition about 200 meters from the exhibition there is another parking area with 700 spaces.

Although there is police control to avoid pickpockets, it never hurts to keep our bags and wallets under control. It is also recommendable not to bring valuable documentation (passports, credit cards that you don't need). As it is a public and crowded areas this things could happen.

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